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Selling products to people wasn’t really something I could say I always loved, yet I did find my self selling products to people. All I knew, I  had a way to communicate with people, but I’ve never seen it to a point were I will be selling them items or maybe selling my services to people.

After my parents broke up when I was still young the need to start selling was there for me. But I couldn’t take it as I have grown pride, and fear at same time. What will this girls think of me, I didn’t know much better that girls love a guy with money or maybe a guy who can afford because I was still young, only having the mentally that if you handsome, further know how to talk, you can get anyone to fall for you. Little did I know that it only worked well when I was still young and my age group also didn’t know that much.

Things changed every quick and money is at the front line of every young adult, there I am still battling with my pride and fear of what would they say about me? what happened to me? what went wrong with me? Only to find out I was losing the people I loved, and I couldn’t find the answers to that. Began to accept that I started at the top and went back down, now trying to find my way back to the top have all the money even though it can never be enough, just like pouring water on top of a duck hoping it will be wet.

This time around I go house to house sometimes advertising, selling and buying things, resale them after being fixed or manufactured. I now don’t have a problem on doing that because I know the world of business is full of products to sell and services to offer.

Currently I sell paint and paint houses, and the selling skill has just matched me but took me years to notice that I can be a best seller and offer great services to the people. I was a bit shy before but It was not paying for me to be shy, and this people will never stop talking, so I decided to keep walking in building a fine life of my baby regardless of people say.

I still believe I have some time to cover up all this lost years of ignorance, fear, and pride. I didn’t know it was wonderful to be your self. Until I accepted myself solo unique in a presence of hundred thousand people. I  accept my self as the only one who can love me more than anyone could.






Worse great pain in the world could be addiction, as you know it tells you what to do and maybe sometimes when to do. Many cases you do without even thinking, Its addiction.Other times you don’t know why you doing it, and when you are doing it,because it is just as permanent as a tattoo, none the less we know even tattoos can be removed nor replaced.

Still writing about addiction, I don’t know if my statement can be 100% true, as I believe that everyone has an addiction. It is because Addiction gives meaning to life? Can I conclude by saying addiction is another word for love or pain? Because someone might love the addiction whiles on the other hand somebody else might hate the addiction.

They say it is crazy when you can’t control something. Just like we cannot control the climate change, so that is crazy cause it is beyond our control, so do we let the nature play its part? Or fight against nature like we always do.Addiction can be crazy to control, actually in short it is Crazy.

You didn’t know people travel because of the their addiction, not only they just addicted travel but addicted to fulfilling their Addiction( tourism need to put that on consideration, the reasons why people travel). Can Addiction be fulfilled? Or it is just transformed to be habituated for a short while.

I can assure you, someone out there can pay you to get rid of their Addiction. Some instance they can pay you to motivate their Addiction. For sure some kill for the Addiction. Further more some can heal with their Addiction.

What’s a up this Addiction, it has many sub-stories underneath.

What can you say about your addiction?