Street Art, this is a is picture drawn by Kenett Ndlovu, I remember that Ndlovu means Elephant, as you can see the visual picture of the Surname. The skin of an Elephant is used by many fabric Manufactory companies, for its thick texture very strong for the Manufacturing good quality shoes, bags, jackets and other products that I haven’t mentions.

Mr Kenneth’s work of art is seen as the skin of that Elephant, with the strength to fit in your shoe with quality that only a few know what to do with it and turn it to Gold.

I feel like I relate, the fact that the skin of an elaphant is strong to walk through deep forest and out with minor or no bruses, This goes for you too, those 2 sharp horn, is the weapon in you that can Peirce down lions, tigers and bears.

You are one of the Big 5 as you know an Elaphant is part of the Big 5, I can image if it was representing your financial status you would be on the Top 5 richest men in the world


Swati langague says Indlovu Lenkulu, meaning “Big Elaphant”, Could it be true thatElaphants during that period are more by size or more by weight or maybe more by population.


If you have been, or heard about swaziland. The Mother of the King is called Indlovukati meaning Female Elaphant, as it is seen giving birth to a lion which is how they visualize him.

Elephant Park.

Around South Africa, under (Mpumalanga) province, within Mbombela region down to Nkomazi district, base in  (Magweni) bears the name of an Elaphant, This Animal in most African, Asian countries know more about the value of an Elaphant, in brief the whole world see the value of an Elaphant, Some countries like the United states of America it is illagal to killing Animals this include the Elaphant so today you kill one of us you see many of us, I can conclude strongly by saying THE MORE YOU KILL THE MORE WE GROW, like March We Big Elaphants, You can trumple obstles down when you move with people with input force of an Elaphant.

Ice age

Have you watch Ice age movies, of a jungle life of animals with sub-main characters of Elaphant life, you see where he protects his family he can actually demonstrate what Elaphant can do. Obviously not talking, however they have a way of communicating that can only be understood through daily basis to observe and learn, as you know they can be taught too because they are intelligent to learn.



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