Signs that shows you have interest else where.

You been in a relationship for a decade or maybe lets say a couple of years, it could be few months now. and you know every well you love your spouse, husband  or your girlfriend/ boyfriend,  but you find your self in mixed,  where you find your self getting attached to somebody else, We all know that is like eating junk food, it is nice, but is it healthy? definitely No, however most can prefer that.

Lets say lately you been wanting your partner to behave in a way that your colleague, classmate church mate does, for those reason it shows that you are interested in how the other carries his/her self.

In other times you spend more time replying messages, emails, calls quicker than you do when you reply your partner. I have seen some checking out the next  guy or girl in the streets while walking with their partners, and most times it causes havoc in the relationship specially if caught red handed checking out the next person.



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