Worse great pain in the world could be addiction, as you know it tells you what to do and maybe sometimes when to do. Many cases you do without even thinking, Its addiction.Other times you don’t know why you doing it, and when you are doing it,because it is just as permanent as a tattoo, none the less we know even tattoos can be removed nor replaced.

Still writing about addiction, I don’t know if my statement can be 100% true, as I believe that everyone has an addiction. It is because Addiction gives meaning to life? Can I conclude by saying addiction is another word for love or pain? Because someone might love the addiction whiles on the other hand somebody else might hate the addiction.

They say it is crazy when you can’t control something. Just like we cannot control the climate change, so that is crazy cause it is beyond our control, so do we let the nature play its part? Or fight against nature like we always do.Addiction can be crazy to control, actually in short it is Crazy.

You didn’t know people travel because of the their addiction, not only they just addicted travel but addicted to fulfilling their Addiction( tourism need to put that on consideration, the reasons why people travel). Can Addiction be fulfilled? Or it is just transformed to be habituated for a short while.

I can assure you, someone out there can pay you to get rid of their Addiction. Some instance they can pay you to motivate their Addiction. For sure some kill for the Addiction. Further more some can heal with their Addiction.

What’s a up this Addiction, it has many sub-stories underneath.

What can you say about your addiction?



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